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That's right a new chapter starts today! I hope everyone had a good break and is ready for Christmas I know I'm not. Then again Christmas or for that matter the whole month of December doesn't put me in a cheerful mood.

 Nothing good ever happens in December for me, true I get presents and that's always cool (I don't really need them though) and I like to give presents but it's the anxiety that comes with the month as well as my luck always goes south, from losing jobs, losing apartments, having money troubles and family disagreements.

 It makes one to hide under a rock and hibernate for a month. You know whats my favorite day in December?  New Years Eve, you don't have to give a gift and everyone is happy that they can count at midnight. And don't forget the booze and party hats!

 All right I've rambled enough, till next week have a Merry Christmas!