All right as promised last week, I bring you Gello Apocalypse. Now I'm trying something different with this comic. I'm gonna start uploading chapters every other week on this day, instead of doing the one to two pages  a week formula that has been the staple of web comics for years. It's something of a new process for me. I'm gonna be front to say that I will probably fumble couple times as well as tweak the format and process along the way, for better viewing of course. So stick with me as go through the growing pains. Let me know what you think in the comments below as well.

none Chapter 1 Pages 5-8
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For those that are new to comic, enjoy hope you have fun reading. Those who have read these stories before, stay around cause I added new things to the old pages some text some art. Think of this as kinda like the release of Star Wars back in the late 90's, but less prolific and more cuss words. See you ( at least for the comic pages part) in two weeks. T.T.F.N!