The Gang

The hero of our story. Born and raised in Apocalypse, Ohio.
Easily confused but always full of spunk, Kat prevails through life's stormy weathers. She worked over night at the Pasty Mart convenience store but due to some unfair justice she is now unemployed.

Likes: Beer Drinking, Road side attractions, Old school video games, Tinkering around with machines and Macrame.

Our resident laid back wise man. What he does for a day job is unknown. Born in Lindsey, the next town over from Apocalypse. Pryor is usually Kat's right hand man on most things and they were at one time "friends with benefits". What's next for our main man Pryor? ADVENTURE!!

Likes: Cookies, Cookies and more Cookies, and She-Ra: Princess of Power.


Mary Ann and Ginger
The cute and saucy ladies of our little clique of friends. They keep the gang grounded and help Kat with advice. As for their day job, they are happily self-employed podcasters on their site, "Two Peas in a Pod", producing a podcast about movies and girl stuff. Currently in a relationship.

Likes: Bunnies, Scorpions, Prince and William Shatner movies.


Mechanical Mike Three
He's a robot. He does robot stuff and has a foul month. Mikey Three also has a secret love for the kitchen toaster. Oh and Kat built him 'cause that's what she does (builds stuff outta love and piss).

Likes: Toaster, old VCR's (the sexy kind) and pictures of kittens.
Pet peeves: YOUR FACE!!!

Curly Hercules
Much is unknown about Curly. We do know that he was a lawyer and failed miserably at it. Now he works at a bar called the Saloon for his boss, Heavy Metal Bob.

Likes: Filming people in the middle of  coitus, midget square dancing and sniffing ladies undergarments. He also enjoys word puzzles.

Joe the Crackhead
His real name is Joseph T. Hammersouth. He owns quite a bit of land in Apocalypse. By a bit, I mean half; as well as owning a satellite and a bunker in the American southwest.... I'm just yankin' your chain.  He is just a crackhead, who does way to much crack and other hard drugs like bath salts. Silly rabbits.

Likes: Crack, crack with jelly, peanut butter and crack, and chess. 

After having graduated fourth in her class from Harvard, she entered the real world and found out creative studies isn't worth the paper it's printed on. So she fell back on what she knows best...telemarketing for the Republican party. Again, joke. I'm just foolin'.  She's just a loosy-goosey in the neighborhood, BUT she does work as a telemarketer.

Likes: She has  a great love of maple syrup on pancakes. 

What can we say about Quint? Oh, I know: he is bag a dicks. He'll lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants. Once took Kat on a date and gave her acid unknowingly and she had a bad trip. He's the reason behind Kat losing her job. He basically has gone out of way to make Kat's life Hell, and yet he does it out of love. Go figure.

Likes: Who cares? He's a dick and you should hate him. HATE!!!

Ninja Girl
Uh...she's a ninja...mysterious. Ninja=Mysterious. Also, has super ninja powers and has a link to Kat's not so secret past.

Likes: Hello Kitty, Burritos, Ask a Ninja, Girl Scouts and your head on a platter with your eyes filled with spiders. Remember: Ninja