The Basic Idea

An off-beat, stoner, slice of life webcomic about a punk chick, a black guy, conjoined twins and a robot.

It mostly follows the trials and tribulations of a young woman, named Kat, who lives in a small town in Ohio. When she's not getting into trouble with the "man", Kat is smoking pot with her long time friend and roommate Cornelius Pryor. Her other friends, Mechanical Mike Three (whom Kat built out of spare parts), Mary Ann and Ginger, give support and grounding to the gang.

From losing jobs to midgets lawyers to a death match between a circus bear and Dick Clark, welcome to small town life in Apocalypse, Ohio.

About the Author

Born under the blood moon on a rainy April night, Shawn early on joined the circus as the bearded lady; becoming known as the "Great  Lumpy Barbino", the second tallest man-lady of Northwest Ohio. Living in the sewers in a small town called Fremont, Ohio, he learned the mystic ways of cartooning and art by a couple of dark masters and a witch (you know who you are).

Eventually, Shawn hungered for more of what you people call education; so, he enrolled at the ********** of Pittsburgh (it's a secret place where unicorns go to die). Upon waking one day in the gutter, the Shawn (or to use his non-government name, Davis Kapow) realized he had finally accomplished what he set out to do. He had earned a piece of paper no better than the pink slip he was handed earlier that week.

Unbeknownst to him, however, he would soon meet his lady fair. His Goldi to her Locks. Shawn met his future wife Stephanie, the lion tamer. Together they conquer the trials and malfunctions life hands them and, in the process, work on comics (I'm the Artist, she's the Editor) along with their cat, Kat. She also goes by her non government name, Attack Kat Susan.

Currently, they live in a floating apartment house on the other side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, Planet Earth, Solar System, Out skirts of the Milky Way, a little to the left of the dark matter.

To contact me go to one of these places:
@satkins1202 on twitter
@workshop13 also twitter