Hey gang! Welcome to the Extras part of the site. Here you will find wallpaper pics you can download and other neat things that you can print out and wear for a face or in your daily life.

 1280x1024    1366x768    1600x1200    Droid
 1280x1024    1366x768     1600x1200    Droid
 1280x1024    1366x768     1600x1200     Droid
1280x1024    1366x768     1600x1200    Droid 
1280 x 1024     1366 x768     1600 x 1200    Droid

1280x1024    1366x768     1600x1200     Droid

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Now, you can take Mechanical Mike Three home with this simple and free paper toy to download.
Again, I say Free to download!  Just click on the caption and save it. What's not to like?

 Shout out to the Toy-a-day blog for the free blank template. Check out more of their toys, it's a really awesome site to look at.

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Tired of life? Want to be someone else for awhile, but you haven't developed that shape shifter power yet? No worries, pal. I have just solution!

The Kat mask! Just print out on 11 x 17, sturdy, white paper (or if your an equal opportunity person print it on multi-colored paper). It's your world, do what you want.  The instructions are on the drawing.

Remember kids: Have a parent present when using scissors and glue.

And parents, remember to hit yourself in the head repeatedly 'til numb. 'Cause you let your young, impressional child read this foul-mouthed, NSFW, electric sequential rag. SHAME ON YOU!

Have a happy life with your new identity.

Hey, gang! Tired of all this new technology crampin' your style and all you want to do is read some dead tree books,  but don't have your book mark? Well fear not,  homie.

You can download some Gello Apocalypse bookmarks for your home enjoyment. Just print, and laminate. IT'S THAT EASY!!

Brand New Wallpaper to download BITCHES!!!
1280x1024    1366x768    1600x1200    Droid

Some twin action!!
1280x1024    1366x768    1600x1200    Droid

More to come as the weeks go on. Stay tuned.