Fan Art

It actually should be called guest art/fan art but I thought it was to long of a button. Below is a mix of guest art that I humbling asked my peers and or gotten some drawing love over the years from friends. Enjoy I know I did. And if your fan of the comic and wanna send a pin-up/drawing PLEASE be my guest to do so. Send them to .Thanks ahead of time.

 By Kaylie McDougal

By Brian John Mitchell

By Jared Catherine

By Casey Standish

By Nils Skeletonballs

By Virgina Shields

 By James Long

By Mike Slane

 The next few are from a good friend of mine by of name Nan the Witch who keeps inspiring me.

I thought I'd toss my hat in the ring too with this faux book cover.

 Again I wanna thank all the artists who did these really great,great,great drawings and please give them some internet love and go to their sites and give them praise.