Happy Holidays!!

Well if you haven't notice, their hasn't been a new comic in a month. Which saddens me BUT I have a excuse! If you have been following me on facebook you'll notice that I was pimping a kickstarter comic anthology I had the joy of working with my fellow friends Jared Catherine, Cynthia Lee, Virginia Shields and the fabulous Nick Marino! The anthology is called Love and Monsters.  AND WE WERE FUNDED!!! More details to come on that project.

Anyways I had to finish that comic in time, soooo the usual juggling of chores happened and this fell to the way side, which sucks when I felt I was finally getting some traction. Well good news everyone Gello is coming back next month on January 8th. I'm taking this time to catch up on pages to build up a buffer so their wont be any hang ups and start 2014 right!

Well that's it for me everyone have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year! and now Kat in a bath!

Come next week for something Special!