Poppy Seeds

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Here are again, another Wednesday and we find out the girls are okay. Thank God for seatbelts right.

Not much on the home front other than looking for a job, finished part 1 of the Fourth World Omnibus by Jack Kirby. Now I'm reading a quick 80pg of Multiple Warheads: the Downfall by the Brandon Graham, then either I'll read some old school Aquaman or a new book I got from Half-Priced books called Tumor. Oh the choices!

Well thats it for now, gotta start on the next page and do up some freelance. Laters!

Heres a question for everyone, Who is your favorite fictional character? Mine I would have to say is a four tie ( I know thats cheating) between Ben Grimm aka the Thing, Parker, Hopey from Love and Rockets and Dr.Strange. I can name many more but for now these are my favorite.

This post is brought to by Colt 45, it goes down smooth