the State of Gello

Hey folks! As promised I would let you know what's up with the strip and then some.
Well the comic is very much alive I have the next page inked and scanned, this summer has been busy as busy could be with some freelance gigs, a 10 day trip and getting stuff ready for SPX and the PGH Zine Fair. Also lets not forget the day job  and fatherhood.

One of the other things have kept me busy is a short comic i'm doing for a kickstarter anthology
This is Cookie from my story called the Fantastic Phantasmos, more info as it comes down the pike.

I believe I have wondered a bit, back to Gello I'm gonna begin updating next week with the next page and going forward I will try to update regularly if not with a comic probably with a drawing or an article dealing with some of the tropes I put in the comic.

So till next time see you in the funny papers (or in this case the information highway funny papers)
also I'll attach a link on the side to purchase the new gello volume one trade.