Time to Saddle Up

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Hey gang! It's been a moment or two since I updated with a new page. If you haven't listened to any of the Gello Shots, my wife and  I were expecting our first child. Well the wait is over! She was born two weeks ago, we named her Amelia Claire Atkins, she's cute as a button. So that being said I had to shuffle some things around comics wise ( now that I have a day job too)

 I wont let your hopes go up and tell ya Gello will be regular here on out, but its will still be going strong so stay tuned to facebook or twitter. to find out when the next one is up.

 I'm gonna try and do a Gello Shots podcast too between pages to fill ya in on Gello, babies and poop! T.T.F.N ( ta ta for now)