Grand canyon pt two

Hey people here is part two of my trip to Arizona. Enjoy.

 The Grand Canyon was HUGH. and F.Y.I this was only the south rim of the canyon. HUGH!!!

 You I can help but take pics of some graffiti.

 My wife as a cow girl! YEE HAW!!

 Wife and mother-in law not knowing where to go next

 Ernest Borgnines HANDS!!!

 The buildings were very interesting to look at as well as the local wildlife and vegetation

Now its time for bed. This was a really awesome trip, one I hope can do again soon.

Also I wanna thank Samurai Comics, Drawn to Comics and Jesse James Comics for taking the time to see me and talk and even purchase some comics from me.

 They were all very welcoming and  friendly. So run not walk to those comic shops if your in the area. Heres some links

Samurai Comics
Drawn to Comics
Jesse James Comics

Alright folks I'll see ya tomorrow with a new gello page.