gello sketches

Hey all it's a abit of a late post today but hey its mid afternoon somewhere right, anyways heres some early sketches I did probably back in 2000 or 2001 when i was wide eye and bushy tailed and still in art school.

Kat went through some changes, in the beginning i think her name was ginger or went with josie for awhile ( not after the pussycats but after beakman's world lab assistant). the name ginger eventually went to one of the twins (the sexy one) .

 Pryor has stayed the same, what can i say i drew him i broke the mold. and i did name him after Richard Pryor who is not as laid back as our Pryor.

 the twins changed a little bit too just more fashionable over the years. They also had a name change i think it was something that rhymed together like mitzy and fitzy(just for example) eventually i decided on Maryann and Ginger after the characters on Gilligan's island, till i would come up with something better but i just never did.

 As for mikey 3 he changed in size and design. I kinda had his personality down in my head and couldn't wait to do some stories with him.

This whole idea started as a experiment for me to branch out and try new things more adult like. Up to that point i was doing these cartoonish gags like looney tunes or the animaniacs (not like that's a bad thing or anything hell i think i eventually go back to some of that comedy just with an edge)  I just wanted to tell a adult funny type story with swearing,vulgarity,drugs and other lifes great offerings and i couldn't do that with cartoonish gags and hokey jokes even though most of the jokes in the book are hokey, know what i mean. Well that's it for now hoped you enjoyed this post and excites you to stick around and read the adventures of Kat,Pryor,Mike 3, Ginger and Mary Ann. See Ya!